Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker (25475)

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

This Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker (25475A) is ideal for those who want a quick, wholesome breakfast using an efficient, space-saving appliance. Perfect for those busy mornings! Once the ingredients are in place and heated, the device can be left alone to cook. Within 5 minutes, the result is a delicious hot and toasted breakfast sandwich to keep you satisfied throughout the morning. Choose your own, fresh combination of ingredients such as eggs, bacon, sausages, cheese, seasonings and more to create your ideal breakfast.

All removable parts are coated in a non stick coating, and are dishwasher safe. In most cases, all that is needed after use is to simply wipe down the sandwich maker with a paper towel, saving further cleaning time. The grey exterior of the appliance has a clean, modern look, suiting many styles of kitchen.

The Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker has a round shape making it perfect for English muffins, bagels, waffles and even croissants! The included recipe book provides many wonderful ideas to create a full range of breakfast sandwiches. Experiment with ingredients such as sliced apple, banana and peanut butter. The preheat light indicates when the sandwich maker is at the perfect temperature for use so your sandwich is nicely toasted and cheese melted. You can adjust the cooking time depending on how you like your eggs cooked. Cooking in this way also makes it easy to limit the amount of oil used, which is great if you are watching your calorie intake.

The Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker (25475A) is highly recommended and well-rated online. It truly is an exceptional device for making a quick nutritious breakfast on the go. However, if you are looking to make multiple sandwiches at the same time, also consider their Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker!

Hamilton Beach 25490A Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker Review

Breakfast Sandwich Maker Review

This Sandwich Maker from Hamilton Beach is the perfect way to create a delicious toasted breakfast in just 5 minutes. You can simply use your own fresh ingredients such as bacon, egg, tomato and cheese to create a filling and nutritious breakfast. The built-in timer ensures your sandwich is perfectly hot and toasted every time!

For your convenience, this sandwich maker has removable parts, which are dishwasher safe, saving you time when preparing a snack so you can get on with other things throughout your day. With the ability to make one or two sandwiches you can easily combine your choices of breads and fillings to give yourself a bit of variety at your chosen meal time.

Included with the Hamilton Beach 25490A Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker are a selection of simple and speedy recipes to help you decide on some new alternative sandwich ideas so you can make the most of this product. The size and shape of the toaster plates make this product perfect for use with bagels and English muffins. While this Sandwich Maker helps create the perfect start to the day, it is perfectly suited to any time of the day for a quick and easy meal.

What makes this breakfast sandwich maker truly special is its ability to toast two sandwiches at the same time, saving a lot of time when cooking for multiple people. Try experimenting with two different sandwiches at once!

This product is currently the highest-rated sandwich maker on Amazon, with a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Check out more reviews on the Hamilton Beach 25490A Dual Breakfast Sandwich MakerHamilton Beach 25490A Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker
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